Kristy has worked in real estate since 2004 - sales, marketing, administration, and project management within both the real estate and the construction markets. By knowing the trends, she can help her sellers anticipate what the buyers are looking for, help her buyers find their home, and sometimes even remodel or build it. "If we can't find it, we create it!" This is Kristy's best version of California Dreaming. With her experience in construction, she knows what it takes to reconfigure and project manage these homes to get the biggest return on the investment, whether that means a turn key family home, international vacation home, a fixer investment property, or anywhere in between. Her strong network with other professionals gives her access to properties and the talent needed to complete the job. She knows what the competition is, what buyers want, what sellers can do. By listening to and spending time with her clients, the hopes and wishes present - from the grandest ideas to the quietest whisper of wants - to be manifested in just a little bit more than four walls and a floor.